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3 Reasons To Give Cincinnati Poker Clubs A Try

If you like to play cards, there have historically been two main options you have if you live in the Cincinnati area. You can arrange a home game with your friends at someone's house or you can go down to the casino and sit in on the cash games there. Both have their pros and cons.

With a home game it's cheap and no cost to play. The downside is of course you have to get everyone on the same schedule in order to make the game happen, and also you have to use what you got at your house unless you have invested in your own fancy poker table.

With the casino you will near 100% of the time get a game to play. The downside is the cost. When you take into account the rake, the promotion fee, and tipping the dealers you find yourself giving a good sized chunk of the pot away every single time.

These days though there is a third option here in Cincinnati that many people may not know about, and that is the private poker club model. The poker club model has most of its roots in Texas where card houses sprung up. From there people have taken the idea and tried in their cities. If you are in Cincinnati, here are three reasons to give a poker club a try.

Reason #1: Still Feels Like A Home Game

Clubs have a much different feel than casinos. Casinos can feel cold and corporate, which makes sense as they are a big business and have to run as such. Clubs are much more personal. They are designed to feel more welcoming and have a mood that is much closer to a home game. You'll see familiar faces and get a chance to make new friends. Unlike casinos, poker clubs put more into the aspect of community and building connections for the long term. This is great for those who want the home game feel when they can't arrange one on their own.

Reason #2: It's Cheaper Than A Casino

Because clubs are specialized and focus on only one thing, they don't have to charge as much. Not only that casinos have to justify using the space for their poker rooms as it is well know that other games like slots make way more money than the poker rooms do. That is in part one of the reasons for the high rakes. Poker clubs though charge a rental fee instead, which leaves more money on the table to win. Their tournaments also tend to have lower house fees.

Reason #3: Your Feedback Has A Better Chance At Being Heard

if you are unhappy with something at the casino, there is a good bet the best you can do is complain to a manager and probably nothing will happen after that. A casino is big, and it gets to do what it wants. Clubs though are heavily dependent on customer satisfaction. If there is a problem and you let the club know, there is a good bet they will take it into serious consideration. Depending on the club you might even be able to talk to ownership directly to voice any concern you have. While your idea may not be taken on, at least you will have the feeling that you were heard out.

Where Can You Try Out Clubs?

If you are in the Cincinnati area you can come try out our club anytime we're open. We're in the West Chester area at 4844 Union Center Pavilion Drive. You can also email us or reach out on Facebook with any questions you have for us.

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