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Looking For A Good Card Protector? Try A Fidget Spinner

One of the most important rules in poker is the following. Protect your hand at all times. For good reason too. You never know what can happen when you are in a game whether it is cash or it's tournament. The dealer could accidentally muck your hand, someone could throw their cards too far and hit yours, or you may find yourself fiddling with them and they get ruined as a result. No matter what, if your hand gets killed because it was unprotected, there is no worse feeling in the world. Now you always have the classic option of using one of your chips to protect your hand. Nothing wrong with this original strategy and it is always better than nothing. That said if you are looking to upgrade your card protector a fidget spinner is an excellent option. Why? Let's look at some of the reasons...

Reason #1: They Are Big But Not Too Big

What's nice about fidget spinners is that they usually have some decent size and weight to them. If you take for example the Thor's Hammer fidget spinner we featured in the picture, you will see it is big enough that you can't miss it or forget it is there, which makes you use it more often. At the same time it is not so big that it makes handling your cards a nightmare. Most fidget spinners have this kind of perfect size for the game and it serves it well.

Reason #2: Something For You To Play With To Keep From Getting Bored

Poker is a game of discipline. It can be hard to stay focused on be on your best game all the time. When you aren't getting hands and you find yourself with nothing really to do, it's helpful to have something that can help distract you from losing your patience. Fidget spinners do wonders for that. By giving you something to keep your hands busy, it allows you to stay focused on the next hand. This alone can make the difference in making a decision that could win you the tournament or get you knocked out early.

Reason #3: Great Conversation Piece

Poker after all is a social game. It helps to have things that can help you spur a conversation with your fellow players at the table. It's hard to strike up a conversation about a chip (unless it's rare or custom). A fidget spinner on the other hand, can say a lot about who you are as a person and your personality. It can make people ask you why you decided on that particular spinner and then from there you can hopefully bud a friendship, or at the very least a cordial relationship with your fellow player.

Where To Get Them!

Amazon is chock full of options. We provided some links below of options that we think would work well. All links in this article are affiliated which means if you buy from our links we'll get a commission. We appreciate any support that you can give.

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