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What's The Difference Between "Round by Round" and "Mixed Games" in Poker?

When you think of the word poker, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It's a good bet that you think about Texas Hold'em. It's ok if you do, most people would probably respond with the same. During the poker boom, Texas Hold'em was the go to game that everyone wanted to learn and play so it made sense that Hold'em became synonymous with the word poker. What many may not know is how many different variations of poker there are. Games like stud, draw, and Omaha. You may find people playing these games in either what's called a "round by round" or a "mixed game". While often used interchangeably, these terms actually refer to two different types of game. What is the difference you might ask? Let's dive in...

Round by round means that the game is controlled by the passing of the button in front of the dealer. Once the button starts with the player that is first to the left of the dealer and ends with the player that is closest to the right of the dealer, a full round of the table has been completed. That means once the button passes in front of the dealer, the dealer will change the game to what else is being played. As a result, the speed of the round will very much depend on how many players are at the table. If there are only 4 players for example, the round will go much faster than if there are 9 players as in order to play one round in the former you only need to play 4 hands and in the latter you need to play 9.

Mixed games on the other hand are dependent on a fixed number of hands that is played every time before the game changes. While the usual standard is 6, the number of hands can be any amount agreed upon by the players or decided ahead of time by the house. As long as the dealer has a way to keep track of the amount of hands, a mixed game can be done. Once the fixed amount of hands has been completed, the dealer will change the game to what is next. Unlike round by round, it does not matter the amount of players. Whether it's a light table or a full table. They play the same amount of hands every time before they can make a change.

Whether you should play round by round or a mixed game is entirely up to you and your taste. If you like the game to constantly change to keep things moving, you might like a round by round with only a few players. If on the other hand you like a more consistent predictable game, you might want to go for a mixed game because you know the exact amount of hands that need to happen before a change.

Where Can I Find Round by Round or Mixed Games?

Casinos can sometimes have round by round or mixed games when requested. More than likely though you'll be finding round by round games at poker clubs where there are more players who like both hold'em and Omaha. If you are in the Cincinnati area, come check out one of our Round by Round games. We're in the West Chester area at 4844 Union Center Pavilion Drive. You can also email us or reach out on Facebook with any questions you have for us.

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