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Want To Upgrade Your Home Poker Game? Try These Playing Cards From Copag.

For your typical home game, it's very possible that you and your guests don't mind going with a deck from Bicycle or Bee or some other brand that you can get from your local gas station. Nothing wrong with that in a pinch. That said if you are starting to get a consistent home game, you might want to consider an upgrade. Our recommendation? Copag cards. They are the official cards of the Ruggles Poker Club. Why do we like them so much? Few reasons...

Reason #1: Durability

When you use cards as much as we do, it's important to have ones that can take a beating. You don't want to be having to cycle through cards all the time because they get spoiled from use. If they can last a while with us with the amount that we use them, imagine how long they will last for you when you have a game only a few times a month.

Reason #2: Shuffle Well

The plastic make up of the cards lends it a very smooth feel that makes for good shuffling. If you can learn how to do a riffle shuffle like our dealers do, you'll feel the difference for yourself. The cards also don't get bent and ruined like other cards can when you bridge shuffle them.

Reason #3: Great Value

The fact that you can get two decks of cards this nice for under $20 is in itself a really good deal. Tack on the fact that these cards will last you a while and the value really goes up. Sure you can get a cheaper deck of cards for $5 bucks. Here is the thing though, there is a good bet you will go through several of those decks faster than you will one of these. Making you come out ahead in the end.

Where To Get Them!

Amazon is always your best bet to get these cards in a timely manner and at a good price. We have a link below that you can use that is affiliated. If you purchase them through our link Amazon will pay us a small commission. Rest assured, we wouldn't recommend these to you unless we thought they were good, which is why we use them ourselves.

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