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A T-Shirt For The Star Wars Fan Who Is Also A Poker Player

It's hard to know for sure how much hobbies overlap. Is there a big overlap between geeks (or nerds) and poker players? Possibly. I mean there is a good bet that geeks and nerds like games and poker is one of the best games out there. Either way if you are a star wars fan and do like to play poker, we found a shirt on Amazon that you might like.

When you think of Star Wars, we wouldn't be surprised if one of the first things that come to your mind is the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Aside from being one of the coolest characters in star wars lore this shirt is genius on a whole different level. Think about it. When you are playing poker what are you trying to do? You are trying to make money. Just like a bounty hunter.

This shirt fits even better if you are playing a bounty tournament. Think of how cool it would look for you to win a bounty tournament with a bunch of bounty chips wearing this shirt. The material literally writes itself. And honestly even if you aren't a hardcore player, the shirt itself is a pretty cool design. Boba Fett on a playing card looks clean and has really cool features to it.

Where Can I Get It!

It's currently on Amazon for $22.99. Obviously that price could change, that's what the price was at the time of posting. Click the link below to get directed right to it. The link is affiliated, so if you buy it through us we'll get a commission which we would appreciate big time!

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